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Our Goal: To inspire, encourage, and equip Christian leaders to reach their maximum potential both in and out of the Church.

  • "When life gives you lemons, punch it in the face and ask, Did I ask for lemons!?"
  • "People love to TALK about changing the world...until they discover the COST."
  • "Don't try to clean the fish before you get them in the boat! Love people to Jesus w/out attacking them."
  • "Those that love the law don’t think that people deserve Grace ... They don't want the cross"
  • "God is interested in a number, it's ALL."
  • "Too many marketing & business degrees in the pulpit. We need ministers who have been baptized in fire!"
  • "Writing checks doesn't excuse you from laying down your life for the lost. Count the (real) cost."
  • "If you have to live like a slave … Live in slavery to practical love for one another!"
  • "Love is compelling and encouraging you to do good"
  • "Respect can be based in fear. Honor is a higher virtue. Its a choice."
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